Jonesport, ME NM SE of Jonesport, ME (44027)

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Current Weather/Wave Observations

Air Temperature: 37° F
Humidity: 46
Wind direction (W Dir): SSW (195 - 204 Degrees)
Wind Speed (W Spd): 17.5 kts (20.1 mph)
Wind Gust (W Spd): 21.4 kts (24.6 mph)
Atmospheric Pressure (AP): 30.62 in
Pressure Tendency (PT): -0.06 in
Decreasing, then steady; or decreasing, then decreasing more slowly

Updated: 6:50 AM EST on December 13, 2019

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General Information

Location: 44.287 North -67.307 West
Buoy Type: 3-meter discus buoy
Buoy Hull: 3DV16
Payload: AMPS payload
Owned by: NDBC
Windspeed: Measured by obtained from anemometer
Sea Surface: Measured by Intake
Note: Caution: Right whales may be active in northeast waters year-round. NOAA may establish temporary Dynamic Management Areas (DMAs) to protect aggregations of right whales. Mariners are requested to transit DMAs at 10 knots or less when consistent with safe navigation. For information on currently active DMAs, go to:

Weather and Wave Data

Time Temp Humidity Wind Pressure
  Dir Speed
20:50 30 49 27 WNW 15.6 17.9 30.69 +0.03
21:50 30 48 29 WNW 15.6 17.9 30.69 +0.02
06:50 37 48 46 SSW 17.5 20.1 30.62 -0.06

Detailed Wave Spectra

No Wave Detail Buoy data available.