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Beach Hazard Statement
Issued: 3:45 PM EDT Aug. 20, 2018 – National Weather Service

... Beach hazards statement remains in effect from Tuesday
afternoon through Wednesday evening...

* high wave action... strong currents and dangerous swimming
conditions expected.

* Strong structural currents expected.

* Strong longshore currents expected.

* Rip currents possible.

* Location... beaches from St. Joseph to Grand Haven.

* Beaches with particularly dangerous conditions include...

North Beach in South Haven... Holland State Park...

* overview/potential impacts... waves will build over 6 feet
Tuesday afternoon and peak near 10 feet Tuesday evening.
Dangerous swimming conditions will develop quickly Tuesday
afternoon, with north sides of north piers being particularly
dangerous places to swim. Waves of this magnitude are not seen
very often in the Summer swim season. Caution is advised.
Waves will top pier structures and sweep completely across
them. Steer clear of the pier and stay dry when waves are

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

High wave action makes swimming difficult and can tire even a
strong swimmer quickly.

Structural currents form along piers where longshore currents and
wave action flow into the structure. Structural currents can
sweep you out into deeper water along the pier structure.

A longshore current is a lake current that moves parallel to
shore. Longshore currents can be strong enough to prevent
swimmers from being able to keep their feet on the bottom...
making it difficult to return to shore.

Rip currents are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away
from shore... which occur most often at low spots or breaks in
sandbars. Rip currents can sweep you into deeper water.