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Flood Warning
Issued: 4:24 AM EST Dec. 15, 2018 – National Weather Service

The Flood Warning continues for
the Santa Fe River near O'Leno State Park.
* From this evening until further notice... or until the warning is
* At 3:15 am Saturday the stage was 41.7 feet.
* Minor flooding is forecast.
* Flood stage is 43.0 feet.
* Forecast... rise above flood stage by tonight and continue to rise
to near 44.4 feet by early Tuesday morning.
* Impact... at 43.0 feet... access to river gage becomes limited as the
bible Camp Road boat ramp becomes flooded and the last half mile of
bible Camp Road begins to flood in Columbia County. Overland
flooding begins past the Santa Fe River sink in the park and will
cut-off access Road to south end of the park.
* Impact... at 42.0 feet... boat ramp at the end of bible Camp Road
begins to flood.
* Impact... at 41.0 feet... swimming becomes dangerous in the river in
the park area.

               Fld observed 7am EST / 8am EDT forecast
location stg stg day time sun Mon Tue Wed Thu

Santa Fe
o'leno stat 43 41.7 Sat 03 am 41.9 43.5 44.3 44.4 44.3

Lat... Lon 2988 8261 2994 8259 2995 8253 2993 8253 2991 8256 2987 8257