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marine weather discussion NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL 356 am EDT sun Jul 21 2019

Marine weather discussion for the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and tropical North Atlantic from 07n to 19n between 55w and 64w and the southwest North Atlantic including the Bahamas

...Gulf of Mexico...

A ridge will prevail along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico until Tuesday night, and then start to retreat eastward after Tuesday night. Gentle to moderate E to se winds will continue across most of the basin, except for fresh to locally strong winds that will pulse to the W of the Yucatan Peninsula tonight and Monday night.

...Caribbean Sea and tropical N Atlantic from 07n to 19n between 55w and 64w...

High pressure N of the area will support fresh to strong trade winds in the central Caribbean Sea through next week. The wind speeds will pulse to gale-force each night along the coast of Colombia through Sunday night. Fresh easterly winds will pulse in the Gulf of Honduras each night this weekend.

...SW N Atlantic including the Bahamas...

A trough, now along 70w/71w from 20n to 26n, will reach the NW waters between the Bahamas and Florida on Monday afternoon/early nighttime. A ridge along 29n/30n will maintain gentle to moderate east to southeast winds across the region through Tuesday night. The ridge will start retreating eastward on Tuesday night, enabling a trough to move into the NW waters on Wednesday morning. Fresh to occasionally strong E winds will pulse N of Hispaniola each night through the middle of next week.


.Warnings...Any changes impacting coastal NWS offices will be coordinated through AWIPS ii collaboration chat, or by telephone:

.Gulf of Mexico... None.

.Caribbean Sea and tropical N Atlantic from 07n to 19n between 55w and 64w... .Amz031...Caribbean from 11n to 15n between 72w and 80w including Colombia basin... Gale Warning early today. Gale Warning tonight.

.SW N Atlantic including the Bahamas... None.


*For detailed zone descriptions, please visit: http://www.NHC.NOAA.Gov/abouttafbprod.Shtml#owf

Note: gridded marine forecasts are available in the National digital forecast database (ndfd) at: http://www.NHC.NOAA.Gov/marine/grids.Php

For additional information, please visit: http://www.NHC.NOAA.Gov/marine


.Forecaster Mt. National Hurricane Center.

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